Tricopigmentazione Bologna
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Tricopigmentazione Bologna


Tricopigmentation was born in 2001 in the US and UK. It was later introduced in Italy around 2009 to provide an answer to alopecia issues.
Dermopigmentazione paramedicale Bologna
Paramedical Dermopigmentation
Paramendical Dermopigmentation is rooted in the 1980s and developed greatly.
Tricopigmentazione  Bologna
Facial Dermapigmentation
For those who desire a more profound and brilliant look, we recommend infraciliary micropigmentation.
Tricopigmentazione Bologna

The skin and Dermopigmentation


Since the middle of the last century, the first hints of micropigmentation technique are seen, when some doctors used pigments to correct a dyschromia. Since 1970 micropigmentation begins to be applied in cosmetic surgery: the first antiallergic pigments for medical use appear, the composition of which is based on iron oxides, alcohol and glycerin.
Since the early 1980s, micropigmentation techniques have undergone a continuous evolution. This happened both in the production process of pigments, whose components are increasingly refined, and in the tools used, elevating this technique to a higher level and expanding its application also in the medical and aesthetic field.
This has resulted in specific regulation by government authorities, establishing precise hygiene and safety standards.
Micropigmentation consists in inserting colored pigments into the deep layers of the epidermis. The micropigmentation technique developed from tattooing and therefore inevitably presents similarities. However, micropigmentation differs from traditional tattooing due to the technical specifications applied, the materials and tools used and the different fields of application. It is important, therefore, to highlight the specific differences:

- The purpose of the tattoo is decorative. It is usually an indelible sign that you want to preserve over time and that expresses or reminds something of the life of the person who wants to be tattooed. It does not have an improving nature in the aesthetics of the person, but rather represents a decoration.
- Implantation of the pigment occurs in the dermis and, therefore, is not excreted with time.
- The trauma that the skin experiences with tattooing is greater than that caused by dermopigmentation, due to deeper and aggressive perforation.
- The pigments used in tattooing contain heavy metals and are permanent. In addition, the colors tend to become brighter over time.

- The purpose of dermopigmentation is to correct any imperfections and enhance the appearance of the person.
- Implantation of the pigment occurs in the deep layers of the epidermis with a minor trauma of the skin.
- The pigments used are organic of synthetic origin (see below).
- By their composition the pigments degrade over time and are naturally eliminated by the body.
- The pigments used have natural colors and are more opaque.

Tricopigmentation in Bologna


Tricopigmentation is a discipline born with the aim of concealing the imperfections caused by baldness, androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, universal alopecia, trauma alopecia, thickening, alternative to transplantation, treatment of scalp scars (FUT, FUE, trauma, hospital interventions). Thanks to the introduction into the dermal layer of specific pigments (permanent or semi-permanent) it is possible to recreate follicular density in the treated areas. Continue

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