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Dermopigmentation or paramedical micropigmentation was born in 1980 and has developed considerably. Thanks to new technologies and techniques, interventions and treatments have become more and more seamless and natural. Expanded literature has been devoted to this discipline, especially in the Anglo-Saxon countries and Germany. Paramedical dermopigmentation is also referred to as "reconstructive" and "corrective", and is carried out in close cooperation with the surgeon or dermatologist.

Unlike aesthetic dermopigmentation, where the various treatments are carried out on "normal" tissues, in paramedical dermopigmentation the skin has some "anomalies" of various types, such as cicatricial outcomes, dystromia, etc.

Paramedical dermopigmentation is suitable to camouflage imperfections to improve aesthetically various areas, in the most natural way possible. The benefits that patients derive from these treatments are not only of an aesthetic nature, but above all of psychological nature: by providing an "apparent" normality, they regain self-confidence.

The fields of application of paramedical dermopigmentation are:

- Camouflage of scars/MCA
- Scars of various kinds
- Stretch marks
- Wrinkles and fine lines
- Camouflage of skin discoloration
- Definitive skin depigmentation
- Vitiligo stable
- Correction and/or removal of previous Dermopigmentations"

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