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Eyes in man

The eyes are a fundamental element of communication, enhancing the gaze with micropigmentation techniques means getting a more intense and deep look. The treatments carried out on the infraciliar area and at the level of the eyebrows are extremely useful for correcting imperfections and are especially suitable for those who wear glasses or contact lenses, or for who, playing sports, want to be always in order in every situation.

For those who want a more bright, deep and brilliant look, it is advisable to undergo infraciliar micropigmentation, which highlights only the lashes. This technique, born recently in Los Angeles, is developed only for males. It gives a much more intense look. When the eye is closed, the treatment is not visible because nothing is micropigmented outside the eyelash rhyme. The final color shade will be exactly that complementary to the skin phototype. You can also perform a ciliar procedure on the lower eyelash rhyme of the eye, highlighting all the lower eyelash rhyme (or part of it) or by performing simple reinforcement. The intervention on the lower eyelash rhyme is recommended for those who have very few eyelashes or those who have a very light hair color. To date, infracillar micropigmentation is the most demanded technique in the field of masculine visagistic dermopigmentation.

Eyebrows greatly affect the expression of the face and - especially in the man who can not benefit from the miracles of makeup - give depth and intensity to the look. In the United States, a technique has been developed, studied and calibrated over the years, able to make male eyebrows cured but at the same time natural and above all respecting the parameters visagistic of those who undergo treatment. The fundamental phase in this technique is undoubtedly the design as it is essential to plan and optimize the result you want to achieve.

THREE-DIMENSIONAL EBROWS MICRO-PHAIR: To date it is the most used technique for the dermopigmentation of eyebrows. After creating a design make-up, the "micro-hairs" are micro-pigmented, simulating the optical effect of the desired eyebrow arch. At the second session (mandatory) the treatment is strengthened: the eyebrows acquire character thanks to a 3D optical illusion. With this technique, the final result always turns out to be very natural.

TRIBAL EBROWS: The "tribal" technique, widely used in the past, was performed with methods that moved away from the concept of naturalness. The final result was always very marked and unrealistic. Today such a technique is still used, but with completely different methods and purposes, that is, to make shades. It is used in subjects who have completely glabrous or very thin eyebrows and can be combined with the "micro-hair" technique, to achieve a thicker eyebrow effect.

LIGHT POINT: To create a light point means to create a slight shade, very light shade, immediately under the eyebrow arch. It serves to enhance the eyebrow and to "enlarge" a dull or too relaxed eye.

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