Tricopigmentazione Bologna
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I recommend this center to everyone, I am super satisfied with the result obtained, (100% naturalness) thanks in particular to Alessia for the work done, super professional. Do not hesitate, rely on jederme!


Professionality, kindness and availability three words that fit perfectly with Jederme.. in addition to the excellent and natural success of the treatment of tricopigmentation. Five stars deserved!!!!


When professionalism has a name: Jederme. Satisfied with the 100% tricopigmentation treatment, I was rejuvenated by about twenty years and regained confidence in myself. All this thanks to the 2 wonderful and super competent Giulia and Alessia. Top of the top


I was a little skeptical at first, but I changed my mind. At last, I no longer have the annoying "clear" of the scalp and I see myself much more youthful than before! I recommend it.


Personality 'seriousness' and professionalism 'embarrassing, excellent results from every point of view TRICOPIGMENTATION EFFECT SHAVED TO TOP, I would not have enough words to thank you.


Alopecia areata for 7 years. Covered with this treatment has become virtually invisible. When I saw him, I couldn't believe... I advise all those who have had the same problem as me to rely on their eyes closed. I really do.
Thank you for the kindness and helpfulness of all the staff.


I have to give a special thank you to [bleep]. Thanks to you I regained confidence, which I had totally lost over the last few years. Tricopigmentation shaved effect, I regained 10 years in 3 hours. Everyone tells me I have a younger face but no one realizes what I actually did. The result is ultra realistic. Thanks


I'm 53 years old. And I've had androgenic baldness for about 20 years. Classic bald turnip. I lived well with myself, mostly because I had accepted that nothing could be done. I do not understand why this treatment is advertised so little...! I'm so happy today. I'd do it again 100 times.


I suffer from baldness since the age of 26, and tired of this situation I decided to try to do a tricopigmentation. I contacted several centers to get me a visit, but this institute gave me confidence from the very first moment. The operators are really competent and I am absolutely satisfied with the result.


I've been suffering from a disease called lupus that hit my scalp for years. It had become an unbearable, limiting situation, affecting my private and working life. After endless attempts to solve the problem with drugs (but without success), I decided to try, under the advice of my attending physician, to perform a tricopigmentation on the entire scalp. I was visited by various professionals in the sector until I decided to rely on this center, as the approach they had towards me was very professional. I am really very happy with this choice because it changed my life.. I highly recommend this center!


Competence and professionalism. 100% satisfied.


I went to this tricopigmentation center because I had a scar behind the back of my head, due to an autotransplant carried out many years ago. I'm really excited, the effect is very natural. Very good and professional.


After years of indecision and skepticism I convinced myself to try this treatment and I would never go back. I'm very satisfied.


I have androgenic alopecia since the age of 28 and decided to do a tricopigmentation to feel more comfortable with myself. I turned to the Jederme center and was very satisfied, the result is really natural and no one noticed what I did (which was my concern). I recommend it 100%.


But why didn't I meet you before? Incredibly realistic final effect. I've been suffering from androgenic alopecia for 12 years and for a woman it's terrible.. I tried everything.. pills of all kinds not to mention the money spent unnecessarily on false miraculous cures. Finally I accidentally came across the Jederme website online and set up the first consultation. Treatment is divided into 2 sessions, today I have another life. No more embarrassment. Thank you!


I would never have thought of such a natural effect.. result from fear! thanks Mauro from Rome

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