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The Scalp Micro Pigmentation, in Italy known as Tricopigmentation, was born in 2001 between England and the United States. At the end of 2009 it was also introduced in Italy. Today the discipline is known as paramedical micropigmentation born with the aim of hiding the imperfections caused by:


- Generic baldness
- Androgenic alopecia (is the consequence of Androgenetic Defluviation, a progressive depigmentation and miniaturization up to the total atrophy of the follicles of the frontoparietal area and the summit)
- Alopecia Areata
- Universal Alopecia
- Traction or Trauma Alopecia
- Reinforcement of Auto-Transplant Areas
- Alternative to Transplant
- Prosthesis Removal
- Scalp Scars (FUT, FUE, Trauma, Operation)


The treatment involves the introduction into the dermal layer of specific pigments (permanent or semi-permanent) that recreate re-thickening and follicular density. The effect is immediate reduction in the areas partially or totally emptied, through the replication of thousands of micro follicles that are imperceptible to the sight.


This is the only center in Italy that, starting from the Anglo-Saxon method, gave birth to the SOFT_TRICOTOUCH technique, later refined in LOS ANGELES, the only one able to achieve a realistic result, colors natural and stable over time. We have chosen 100% hypoallergenic pigments because they are free of iron oxides and titanium oxides and have the most stringent certificates on the world scene. They are produced in utmost compliance with current legislation, European Council ResAP (2008) 1 and subsequent amendments and regulation 1223 of 2009, as the maximum guarantee for the Consumer both at short and long term.


Tricopigmentation has been created to provide men and women suffering from baldness and consequently aesthetic and social discomfort with an immediate density and thickening effect.


No one will notice the treatment you have done unless you say so.

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The Pigments
Long-lasting Permanent Pigments (8-10 years) are designed and formulated exclusively for scalp. They are used all over the world.
We guarantee that our pigments contain only highly pure raw materials and are vacuum produced, dispersed and sterilized with gamma rays. We scrupulously avoid adding preservatives, to exclude allergy carriers.
Particle micronization is processed in such a way as to prevent phagocytosis, so the pigment will remain indefinitely in the dermis.
In Italy, the common doctrine applies Semi-Permanent and re-absorbable Pigments, which means that they are disposed of by the body over some time, depending on many variables (approximately 6 to 36 months).
In the case of semi-permanent pigments the micronization of particles is processed in such a way as to allow phagocytosis and not to stay in the dermis for long periods. The re-absorbable pigment is suitable for Customers who are not convinced to access the procedure with the permanent pigment or subjects not considered suitable for that type of treatment, for factors to be ascertained individually.
Therefore, for a natural and physiological process, the pigment undergoes a gradual lightening that can be accelerated based on subjective factors such as accelerated phagocytosis, repeated sun exposure, frequent baths in chlorinated or salted water, oral intake of special medications, etc.
Semi-Permanent treatment, contrary to Permanent, requires annual reviews to maintain the achieved goal.

All our pigments, both in the Permanent and Semi-Permanent versions, have been subjected to the highest tolerability and toxicological safety tests. They were also adequately sterilized to attain pharmaceutical purity, since the composition of dyes is for food and cosmetic use.
All shades of pigments used are customized according to the contrast of hair color and skin tone.
Tricodermograph is our machinery of choice: the most cutting-edge on the world scene. We will offer you 2 kinds of treatment:


Durable, stable, refined and remains unchanged over time, without having to worry about annual reviews. The perfect colour stability of the pigment will last for 8 to 10 years.


2.SEMI-PERMANENT (treatment with periodic annual recalls)
- Maximum follicular density with shaved effect Technique SOFT_TRICOTOUCH
- Maximum follicular density on short, medium, long hair
- Realistic and natural results
- Increased self-confidence
- no daily maintenance borne by the customer


Requirements for Tricopigmentation Treatment
Before undergoing a treatment of Tricopigmentation, in order to obtain the desired result it is necessary to carry out a series of tests relating to the psychophysical condition of the patient.




To undergo a tricogmentation we will have to check the state of health of the scalp. This means that patients suffering from eczema, dermatitis or severe psoriasis may have reactions to treatment. Also the use of hair loss products must be suspended in the immediate pre-and post-treatment period, to avoid contamination. In case of seborrheic dermatitis it must be treated first and only once cured you will be able to undergo treatment.



It is necessary to check the patient's health status in relation to his clinical history in order to refrain from any risk factor to his health.


It is important that the patient is in a conscious and stable psychological condition in order to fully understand what kind of treatment he will undergo.

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